Corporate Overview

Image International Group, Inc. (IIGI or the Company)  is focused on the acquisition of gemstone and other precious metals, along with developing its Teako property in British Columbia.   IIGI intends to market the gemstones and other precious metals to retail jewelry store and gemstone outlets.

IIGI is currently a private company; incorporated in the state of Nevada. It is in the process of applying to become a public company listed on the OTCBB venue in the United States.  On April 21, 2008, the name was changed to Owlhead Minerals Corp. in order to more appropriately reflect the Company’s business plan.

Beginning in November 2014, following extensive research and discussions with an experienced international gemstone and jewelry entrepreneur, the Company decided to expand its business focus to include the acquisition of precious and semi-precious mineral resources. If we are successful in developing such resources, we plan to sell directly to wholesale jewelry and gemstone enterprises.

In September 2012, the Company engaged a geologist, along with a consultant, to conduct a first-hand examination of several promising claims near Quesnel, British Columbia. This prospect turned out to be a potentially good placer development but without hard rock potential. The Company decided to turn down the opportunity.

Finally in December 2012, the Company was presented with a group of claims (“cells”) known as the Teako property.  The Teako cells are located half way between Terrace and Smithers, British Columbia and are near the original gold rush town of Hazelton B.C. which was founded in 1866, the site of the original gateway and staging area for the famous Omineca Gold rush days of 1869-1873.

Initially, a total of 20 cells were acquired totaling 296 hectares (approx. 730 acres). After preliminary examination of the area, the Company came to the conclusion that the area appeared to have significant potential. Therefore, Company management requested that the Prospector/Vendor stake more cells adjacent or adjoining the original claim group on behalf of the Company. An additional 2577 hectares (approx. 6368 acres) were staked, bringing our land package to a total of 2873 hectares, or about 7098 acres. The cells have good access to many miles of new logging roads that have recently been opened up in the area.

In addition, the Company added 735.45 acres (“Surprise” claims) just to the north east of our Teako claims.

The Company acquired the initial cells for a cash payment of US$10,000 and 1.5-million restricted shares, which are subject to a long-term hold.  The additional cells were staked on behalf of the Company.

Founders of the Company, Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Low have been successful business men for more than 35 years between them. Mr. King has more than 30 years of experience developing and managing various private businesses but also has been associated with public companies, raising substantial exploration and development funds for 30 years.